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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to repair damaged and overworked hair

A variety of things can put stress on your hair and damage it.

·        Coloring

·        Perming

·        Heat styling tools

·        Weather, sun and wind

·        Changes in your hormones

·        Medications

·        Poor quality hair care products

This hair damage usually takes place gradually.
The outside layer  of the hair shaft which is the cuticle begins to break down, the hair then becomes weakened.

The cuticle slowly starts to disappear exposing the cortex.

 The most common signs of hair damage

·        Rough, dry, brittle, and dull texture

·        No elasticity, can cause breakage

·        Feels spongy to the touch when wet

·        Has split ends, looks frizzy

When these things happen the first thing you need to do, is to get a good trim.
Once your hair has split ends or becomes spongy the only thing to help is trimming the ends.

Since your hair is naturally made of the protein keratin.
The best products to repair your hair is keratin.

Keratin is the only product that will completely penetrate the entire hair shaft. It works magic

There are many hair care products that contain keratin. You don't need to spend a lot of money on these products, the lower priced products work just as well as the expensive ones do, when it comes to keratin.


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